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Scalping Rules ......(for me)

hey all

since i am still Full time consulting I have to fit in trading when i can - usually from 6 till 8am london............if i can grab 15-25 pips inside a couple of hours and then I go to my day job with a nice spring in my step !

for my personality this works for me ....leaving higher TF trades on through the day with fixed entry points and trailing stops is no use to me.....and the returns are very very low vs my scalping sessions where i leverage my low Stop loss advantages and make decent % returns on my capital on a daily basis - works nicely for me and can for you if you know what you are doing ..........

May 8th

morning fairly quiet from 6am .....euro a tad livelier but not surprising

Euro and GBP been out to +20 pips from 6am so far yen and Cad sold to -20's usd is flat/bearish

sooo.........a few pips on the obvious pairs so far for me following above ......on the triple corrie indicator at bottom of screen (available for free from me in links ares here ) can see the GBP is the main bull across the TF's (3 arrows north)......and the AUD is the alpha bear (3 arrows south) ive had no issues buying gbp today into signals .....usually on the gu


cheers N

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