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triple corrie setups- May

so heres 2 parts of the triple corrie standard setting for early May (also see last blog)

the 240 on a 1hr and the 60 on a 1 hour ....

remember the 5min on a 60ma is the trigger signal (not shown)

so what was showing in the week to watch for ? (so needs to be on same side both charts)

BUYS (on or by late monday) - GBP,NZD,USD,CAD SELLS - YEN , CHF, NO SIGNAL (both sides on different charts) - EURO,AUD

so the message was clear as we only had 2 candidates to sell.......although AUD dropped into a sell tuesday asian .......

so they were the plays early week gang ........sell yen and swissie in pairs ....and cherry pick the best signals from 5min TF........

that easy ? .....well nothing in trading is as easy as claimed.......but surely this gives you a heads up ?

yes ? ?

have a good day in the markets .....I will


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