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Monday 2nd Oct ....

morning all ok monday scalp session so far ......... usd has been a lively bull play from 6am ....plenty of action on usd pairs then .......euro and gbp the main sellers so far ....EJ decent sells as well 20 pips range from 6am opens so you have to do your scalping in fairly tight ranges and out FAST !!! not for the inexperienced .....but monday mornings rarely are easy for trading forex ..... N

heres my chart exclusively for this forum - not on the public threads i run ! ....see the greenback dancing as the bull diverging currency so far ? .....that tells me to keep looking to BUY usd in pairs each time it bounces back north .........the BLue Euro and RED GBP have been most beneficial trades so far as they are most southerly ......ok ?


stop press - 9.35m now ....been selling gu's from early this morning around the 3370 levels .its still selling at 3308 comlaints scaloing all the way down now some 60 pips !!

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