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hey all

systems dont have to be clever ......especially the main signal indicating where you need to be focused heres the days session so far on a basic FXCorrelator .....available free below in my links 1 hr setting - 20 ma ..........use this as an anchor for lower TF signals SELLS - RED GBP , GRAY CHF , BLUE EURO (recognise the European flavour here ?) GREEN USD BUYS - BROWN CAD , ORANGE AUD , TURQUOISE NZD, YELLOW YEN go with any lower TF / MA settings for the trigger so at the moment the RED GBP is still a long way south but converging back ...right ? if you get a sell GBP signal from lower TF/Settings its still worth a punt ....its the main man and will have already made you a lot of $$ today earlier so dont desert it just yet ...... Remember Fibonacci ?....what are all those GBP pairs ALL mainly showing you at the moment for the day .....plenty of decent % pullbacks right ? - right ? look for a trigger to get back into selling GBP !!! CAD is the strongest buy at moment so i'd also be on the UCAD sells for some action....secondary stuff thats it all have your own methods for triggers and ive told you the pairs to be on for BEST potential signals go gettum !!! N

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