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10 mins work ....

heres a link ...i had a few mins before a meeting

i sized up the market (1 min) using my fixed and ma based FXcorrelators

I saw a very very weak GBP (and figured i'd use USD as second currency - my go to pairing for GBP)

waited for a big retrace a big Resistance bounce level in this case

and hit it ........hard !

7 pip scalp ......i could've let it run a little more actually ....

not bad for 10 mins work

(and the UJ was also poss for a handful ...but i didnt take it ....GRRRRR)


PS - dont sniff at 7 pips ....if you are scalping professionally you can be at ultra tight Stop losses and leveraging your wins to very good return levels.....if you can get a 3-4 pip Stop loss in place with 2% capital stakes .......that 7 pipper just earned me nearly 4% of my capital base in 10 mins cant even get 4% per annum on most things scalping rules for me guys......N

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