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im on vacation at the moment .....and also trying to finish an ebook on strengthmeter trading

been more sunbathing than working in truth last 2 weeks ......but hey !!!.......I will get there !!!

everyone asks me how can they keep it simple ?

ok heres simple

fxcorrelator indicator - available free here in the links below in signature area

put it on a 20ma delta 1

then look to buy into the bull currencies (above the zero line) and sell into the bear currencies (below the zero line)

hell ....even just trade those exact pairs (the strongest vs the weakest pairing) ......forget getting picky !!

so heres a daily .........can you see where the Alpha (main strongest weakest currencies) were ?

can you see that brown Cad has been the weakest and yellow Yen the strongest Currencies for nearly the last full 30 days / month ?

is that simple enough :)

trading is pretty easy if you keep it simple .............sure you need to add discipline and focus and consistency ...........but its still a simple concept

i'm back from Vacation middle of month

Neil NVP

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