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Update March 2018

Hey everyone how’s it going ? Sorry for lack of recent content in my forums and YouTube and this website etc etc I’ve been on vacation for 3 weeks then been tied up the last week or so regarding a lot of work admin and other house and family stuff .....boring but needed ! It’s been an interesting period of time ...I took a long long look at whats new out there re trading courses and systems and also researched a lot of new ideas in forex as well as other markets I’ve been lucky enough to talk to a lot of good traders about their own systems and strategies ...whilst sharing some of my strengthmeter work with them......and also I took the opportunity to re-read a lot of the classic trading books and also listen to a lot of podcasts from a site called "chat with traders"......already mentioned in earlier posts here ..... I should have been completing my promised e book on strengthmeters the supporting video,training ...but i didnt ..... It will get done .....this year ......but all in good time ... Trading always comes first for me yourselves I live and breathe it ....some people cut lawns and hit golf balls ....some collect stamps ......we all trade......right ? Have a good weekend and I will try to get some content on my sites next week Neil NVP

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