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London 28 Mar 2018

morning all

nice steady london scalping session ........

yen and usd are the lead bulls so far from 8am BST (7am GMT) ....

GBP and Euro were generally the sell options for me .....a little cad as well ........gbp finally got dumped earlier around 9am BST onwards ......see the 1min below where i attached GU all down the pipe so far

all of these signals are showing clearly on strengthmeter based indicators like my FXCorrlelator.....its not unique these days (loads of people got on the bandwagon eventually) but it was one of the first strengthmeters offered to the retail public for free by me back in the early 2000's (verses people charging thousands of dollars for scam forex correlation courses) and is still as robust and relevant today as then !

enjoy it for free in the free links areas in this website



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