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29th London session

slow but steady morning for me so far ....

follow this thread to see the progression and my logic ...i was naturally using strengthmeter based strategies to be on the best possible currencies from the 7am london action

on first chart below

see the red gbp sells and resells ?

see how the green USD was the buy and still is ?


heres the update to final 2 hours (Second chart)

europeans were the weakest in pack ....some decent sells and resells on euro and GBP mainly through the morning but a little rangy in truth

usd has held the bull position ....surprised me that i thought it might fold at times

yen was the most frustrating...i really was looking for more Bull action than it has provided so far ..........its only got out to +14/15 pips Bull so far with no real push south ...thats very very light for the Yen re volatility and expect to see fireworks in us session

i still do combine more mainstream price action strategies for entries and exits on top of the strengthmeter edge I use to get into the main pairs to trade ......

so heres the 3 main pairs i was hitting today .....(second chart below) ....and some areas where i was mainly active ........

Trading is not Hard ......its actually Easy once you have strategies ..the hard thing is focus , patience , consistent execution and all the other basics needed on every trade you make .....the market will punish you hard if you screw up these things gives you nothing ....not an inch of luck


Slide 2 later in session

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