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NFP action

yesterdays NFP was relatively low impact on markets .....usd selling off gradually post event

if you recall in my earlier posts i was REALLY trying to sell off CAD ....anticipating Trader weekend Closeouts from earlier gains in the week

cad did selloff a little more us session but really it meant a bit of a bear bunfight with a falling USD as well ........meaning it was not that profitable to trade that pair .....

i did take a few positions range trading as Ucad kept bouncing above 2750 ....but hardly a pip fest and Ucad never got anywhere near he higher prices i was hoping

the real play was GBP Bull had a great US session putting on some 50 pips on its own steam with most other currencies falling (including USD) there was plenty of pips on offer

the right timing on Cable could have bagged you some 70 pips ...........

have a good weekend N

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