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London session 23rd April

humdinger of a morning ........ usd got bull as london warmed up ......clear buy but stalling at moment took a while but finally the gbp sold off hard ........ my best pair has been selling cable then ......most other currencies have been a little flat so far ..................swissie has been a strong bull but with usd bull as well i didnt play it .... ive also shown a simple FXcorrelator on a 20ma 5min TF i was already looking for cable selling (long story) ...and the 2 clear signals when those lines got above/ below the zero made it easy Note - i dont normally trade the MA based fxcorrelator (below) in my day to day trading as i have other advanced derivatives i now use ....but the principle is still there on this classic indicator ..... and very useable !! N

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