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FXCorrelator on 20ma

i didnt trade much today but my fxcorrelator is always watching the markets .... heres the default 20ma setting on a 1 hour DUMB-ASS BASIC RULE #1 you sell currencies below the line and buy currencies above the line DUMB-ASS BASIC RULE #2 if in doubt always pick the USD in your trades and ensure you only trade in the direction it is showing (above below the zero line) so looking at below ...........what side is the GREEN USD ?? = Answer above the zero we are looking to BUY usd in pairs fact hunting it from yesterday ...... look at the 2 charts ..........ive been hunting Euro from yesterday .......the blue euro line is a nonstop sell below the zero right ? .....right ? look at the Cable (GU) chart ..........when the red line falls below Zero SELL CABLE ...........and keep selling it !!!! im not going to tell you how to suck eggs gang sure you all have wonderful systems to identify trading your favourite pairs and i am not going to teach you that but there is only a 28/1 chance you are trading the right pair at any time (See here) in the last 24 hours or so all i have been hunting is EU sells and then GU sells as they appeared fact i will normally trade below the i hour timeframe and scalp them on offered decent signals into the trend BUT i remember I am only focused on just 2 pairs out of the 28 on offer i am already in my opinion focused on 2 of the main pairs that matter !!!..the others are not offering these high probability trades i ignore them ....... have a great evening gang.... N

PS - i havnt forgot the training promised to everyone is still work in progress.....I trade a lot of the time now and get sidetracked also on other trading projects ......but it is still in the frame for 2018 ......sorry for delays .....hey you know how it is right ? ....we are all busy busy busy ! ....N

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