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4th May action

Quote from trade2win...

NVP hope you had a good morning shorting GU ( nice signals @6.45/50 am for the early bird ) also 8.25/30 and 9.10/15

sure ....usd was mainly bull from 7am london (BST)

I was working GBP , Euro , CAD ...even damn AUD sells at times ....

hard bloody work :sly:...but a few pips in bag :


yen has been a buy play all morning (alongside usd)....check it out on a 1 hour FXCorrelator 20ma default setting (not shown)

ive really been on it from around 10am BST (12.00 on my charts)

euro and usd the counter pairs to it for my main trading

best results in last hour or so ....excellent sell offs


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