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FX Week ending 11th May 2018...

highlights so far this week I am using my free FXCORRELATOR indicator (see my FXCORRELATOR page in menu area) on a default 20ma setting on the 1 hour chart...

the information below is simply looking at the currencies that outperformed the others either above (buys) or below (Sells) the zero line on the indicator - SIMPLE ! :- MONDAY weak Euro / CHF Strong USD / GBP TUESDAY weak CAD Strong Yen / USD / CHF WEDNESDAY weak Yen Strong CAD / GBP THURSDAY weak NZD / GBP Strong CAD / EURO / AUD FRIDAY Well - what do you see ? on chart ..... personally i'm gonna play some bear european plays into usd and yen for london session ....its already shaping up ok for that ....heres the 1 minute action from 7am BST so far for EJ .....ive been on it selling from around the 130.30's now down to 130.00 so far so no complaints ! the EJ pair is THE best performing currency pair in the G8 so far from 7am BST...... why was I on it and trading it ?...........because i always incorporate my forex strengthmeter strategies to ensure I am on the best performing pairs in the 28 G8 pairs all the time ! ......simple simple simple have a good one .... I am so far N

STOP PRESS - sold ej again at 130.20 levels 08.30 this space

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