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14th May Forex action....

hey all

after a slooow start the london market is warming up nicely

european currencies are mainly bull and ive been playing EU / GU buys EJ has been ok as well

in truth usd is flat as a pancake so we need more from it later to make serious pips on usd pairs

gbp index has now swung some 40 pips from its earlier intitial low so plenty of pips in there to generate a few scalps for me on cable ......

EJ some 40 pips up now from 7am BST but i have not had anything like that out of it so far as i was faffing around and missed a couple of easy entries


update at 14:15 BST :-

hey all .... still trying to get more action on the European buys into yen and usd ...plugging away today usd is now in sell mode pre us opens i'm on the right track heres GU and EJ from 7am BST this Morning ....hard grind indeed !! N

see chart 1 below

update at 16:20 BST :-

gbp still the main bull currency since 7am BST .....

usd has been pretty flat though only getting me a handful of scalps so far on cable buys ......

GBPJPY or even GBPNZF would have done better overall ......but i rarely trade such pairs on such low TF's ....rarely below daily .........

usd is really coming bull at moment so i will wait for another rebuy opportunity soon

see chart 2




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