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25th May - last session of week

i took a look at the us session early doors ....i usually am watching from 1.30 BST for the warm up ... by that time yen was back in charge again as alpha bull since 7am BST....swissie was hard on its heels usd was finally pushing a decent bull trend as well did range a little too much for my taste through the london morning .... with the CAD , Euro and GBP the main bears i was just waiting for any decent setups for these trends check out a 1hour FXCorrelator on a 20ma setting to see why i liked the 3 bear currencies above and those bull calls ....its not rocket science see the moves post 13.30 BST ? ....all swinging as expected coming off .....but keep trying to play back into trends shown .....then should come again ....even if you wait back to recent the Resistance levels NOTE ALL CHARTS ARE 2 HOURS AHEAD OF BST SO DO THE ADJUSTMENT N

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