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14th June action...

hard work this morning in markets ..... usd mainly flat so far .....which mean no fun for anyone on majors yen has been most bullish since 6am BST but i cant get much of a bounce so far off the EJ or UJ sell options .... euro showing some bullish tendancies now hunting Euro bull plays off the usual pairs

heres an exclusive chart 1 below to subscribers showing the fixed and 20ma action so far on the 1 min TF

See yellow Yens bull action so far ?

See how flat the green usd has been to zero line until recently ?


Hey - I have never said trading is easy ....its not ....

and dont believe all the ridiculous vendors out there that say it is easy if you use their wonder indicators.....and you will become successful overnight

(hint) you wont ......

#1 - get a method in place that allows you to SEE the market ......fully 24/7

#2 - now develop some predictive patterns and systems based on what you see

#3 - trade those systems using sensible Entry / Exit and money management rules

#4 - constantly review and improve the system and yourself in applying it

8:50 BST

looks promising off the support level



chart 2

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