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20th June forex action....

hey all

i was a laptop short this morning so couldnt really post as well .....sorry

bloody hard work this morning ...nothing would break out into a decent run

eventually i got some GU cable buys scalped .....but the issue was that USd was very choppy AND only NZD,CAD and Swissie were breaking south ..........

messy !!!!

anyway GU was the play for me ..........but only above 3170's to 3199 so far and thats after 12 oclock... ....hardly a pipfest


when you get a light morning session it usually means a good NY open ..lets see

16:40 BST

us session has again been a slowish start .....ive managed to get that bounce off the 3170's from cable as rebuy levels ......3214 / 15 now so not tooo shabby !

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