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21st June Forex action...

11:10 BST

hey all i'm still 1 laptop down so cant post much .....excellent morning now in market pretty done now SELLS - EURO and GBP ..... they've both nearly hit the 50 pip sell levels from 6am BST BUYS - Yen , Swissie , USD...but all pretty choppy at times heres GU action - my favourite Pair if my FXCorrelator tells me to trade it ...50 pip range to sell down to so far ........shame that the Green USD was not more bullish at times when red GBP fell 20 ma default FXCorrelator shown on 5 min TF (available free in links below) - Chart 1 hey - i cant have it all !

chart 1


usd has been creamed in last 2 hours ...sell sell sell sterling has made an epic u turn from earlier london selling these are the tough plays mid session when currencies reverse .....hard to play as you are initially waiting waiting waiting for them to go back into trend gu has been 100 pips up from where i stopped trying to sell it earlier now ...plenty of buy scalp opportunities gang .and its still coming north !! GBP the buy gang ...all the way chart 2

chart 2


average us session so far pretty tired now ....

YEN has been the main Bull driver .....swissie at times been ok ....but choppy usd has been primarily bear NY session....Early AUD sells , then CAD was ok ....

with yen so strong i really needed to see the euro weak to trade that pair .....thats my favourite Yen pair .....heres from 14:00 hrs BST into NY openings ....ive seen 2 pushes worth hitting ...mainly out of that 127.80's ...driving the strong yen when it presented.... there were better Yen pairs to trade at times ...but i like my spreads Loow ! Chart 3

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