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When to change Trading Direction ?

hey guys i'm always here for questions and advice - i dont bite !!....

please email

so - someone just emailed me at above and asked

when do i decide to change direction trading a currency or pair ?


i have to know that all S/R levels i was trying to use to trade that currency or pair are exhausted and breached ...then i reverse my trading (if all criteria is met and that pair is still an alpha pair to trade) so see below re GU today ......see how S2 and S1 have both been slammed / breached ? thats game over in trying to resell GU for me .......i need to be buying if anything now !!!! this was actually an EASY SIGNAL .....we saw no hesitation in the interim retrace bars did we ??? ...1 way traffic !

sometimes it much tougher to decipher the signals ....and if it is that hard ...DONT TRADE ! from 3160's its all buy buy buys for me on GU today .....hope that helps N

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