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22nd June Forex Diary

07:15 BST morning all...

early days this morning but Euro is performing well on the Bull side....usd is a sell so far

EU is the best scalper in the 28 pairs in G8 at moment

Cable rebuys also lurking nicely chart 1

8:25 BST

i'm just keeping it rolling on the EURO bull train...being patient and coming back in on positions where i see opportunities to bounce off Support levels

my strengthmeter indicators are telling me that euro is THE buy i am just following what the market is telling we are at 1650's ....i am looking for bounces ......

chart 2


you can all see that EJ is doing well also......but thats mainly the Euro driving bull in motion .......EU or EJ all working this morning ......

in the Forex G8 ...when the dynamics are right its easy to make money

10:56 BST

ok the market more rangy now .......euro still worth rebuying on bounces north , similarly for GBP .............usd and yen still trendy south those those are the best combos as pairs this morning so far .......

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