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31st July - Forex Diary

hey gang

been scalping away we have seen a real real bear Yen gang....its activity has driven the most profits this morning ....ive been hitting UJ sells and EJ buys at times

usd wise ? ......aside from the UJ then GU buys been ok ....

but EJ has offered me a 70 pips range so far to scalp ....

if you cant make money off of that kinda action....stop trading and take up you are in the wrong business or you need a better trading system !


15:29 pm BST

yen been south to -80 pips now since 6am BST keep selling it !!!

heres EJ .....its been back down to 130.70's (nice nice support level !!) since last post and as high as 131.10's ..... only game in town really at moment

ive traded pretty much mainly one pair all day.....a luxury i need to make money on when it presents itself !!

someone asked me would i play the GU bounce ? well if i was a pure S/R man i would say it has a lot of interest .......although i dont like the falling highs ....but i am also a strengthmeter man and based on the dynamics from 6am this morning the usd and the GBP are both bull currencies why would i trade 2 currencies both Bullish ? ............but thats just me gang on the only currency still kicking butt...the bear yen

heres the UJ as well .......ive had some real nice moves since last posts

when you get a really really trending currency in the G8 attack it

you will suffer minimum losses as long as you are sensible in your second currency selection

after all....for all those yen pairs today ..the yen was already setting up the pairs for a 1 way ride ! - look how weak the yellow yen has been on a 5min TF on a 20ma setting

16:07 pm BST

cable been back to 3119 for resells to 3109 so far .......quick or dead guys .....quick or dead

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