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1st August 2018 - Forex Diary

hey all...

usd was pretty flat this morning initially .....yen and AUD got short though nicely .....and the GBP and Swissie were decent buys at times

i was trading the EJ buys mainly....see chart....nice chase up from the 130.70's to 131.10

you could have had a little GU and EU buying but with usd flat you are only getting half a pairs movement re volatility.....simple math !

around 8.45 the whole g8 reversed .....if you had larger sphericals you chased it ...or like me you may have decided to just leave most of it and try for some retests ...

around that time i did start hunting the GU buys...... as usd was definitely coming south and still is now .....see the chart...ive been hunting from the pullback to the 3109 levels.....up to 3135's so only 20-25 pip range so far ..but plenty scalpable gang

ok the market is still pretty lean gang .....just +/1 20 pips for all the currencies since 6am BST...thats lowish volatility so far i would like a liitle more fire in the belly when NY opens

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