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8th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

9:16 am BST

hey gang ........ok peeling the Cable sells and EJ sels so far ........usd is pretty flat ....yen is pumping north hard and gbp is selling hard east choices this morning ..and no news expected till pm

9:25am BST

heres where i am at on those pairs .....

nice multiple scalps down a 40 pip range on GU ..... nice multiple scalps down a 60-70 pip range on EJ .....

9:45 am BST

taken 2907 on last cable sell down from 2930's..... took 2864 on least EJ sell down from 127.70's

gotta go out for a while.shame as market is grrreeeat this morning

10:57 am BST

lower Volatility now ....after such a great morning i would always advise traders to walk away ......why give it back ? ..........wait for NY

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