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one of my old trading friends Petar is an analyst for one of the broker houses and posts my free Fxcorrelator as part of his calls .... heres his take on G/J...a pure 15m TF 20ma momentum play off the alpha bull GBP and alpha Bear JPY that has breached an R level recently i can assure people im not getting any affiliation commission here .....petars just using my indicator for free as everyone else does .....

I find G/J to fast and volatile for scalp trading off london session ... ....looking at all my scalp charts GJ was probably the best looking pair vs EJ , GU and even EU to trade as a buy from around 9.45am BST .....but it can be scary so i stay off it

heres the 1min TF .....sure looks like an easy 50-60 pips since 9.45 am ...but i was ok with what i had not going to BS anyone that i took it .....

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