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10th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

7:39 am BST

morning all.......gbp is still bottom feeding off around -140-150 pips this week ...on its S level

I have been selling it off this morning since 6am with Euro.....but am unsure if we will see continued selling

lots of GBP news at 9.30 BST so it will be an explosive session !!!!


nice action on a rising usd from 6am ...plenty of bull energy

easy action selling off euro and gbp from 6am .....nice signals so far ....

cruising already ....GBP news at 9.30 so it will be lively i promise ....

i am 1 laptop down today due to PC will not be posting as much ..and i want to try some additional execution routines here to optimise returns more than my lazier approach...


very twitchy ...........usd is flatlining at moment ..ive had a fast EU sell in meantime


ej more interesting ...sold at 127.20's to 127.15 so far


sold off gu ...ej at 126.81 ...nice nice profits !


ej an absolute peach .....didnt expect nearly 30+ pips off it


more selling of GBP and Euro into usd and yen buys.... im picking up 4-5 pips minimum per scalp so market is nice today.....the chop is kind with enough play in it ......usually you are cut to pieces off 2-3 pip moves but a decent flow today so will dig in ....


eu rebuys back in game at 1380

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