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13th Aug 2-18 - Forex Diary

7:49 am BST

morning all

this morning i am scalping EJ and EU bull so far .....Euro is going well some 30 pips up from 6am opens ......usd flat/bear and yen strong bear

swissie is weak as well..........cad and aud relatively strong but not for me london session

7:57 am

trying to tempt EU up from 1390 levels

8:04 am

took a 1392 buy position ...a little risky but seems to be holding

1398 high.....didnt lose but it seems we are struggling to get more EU bull at moment


average morning .usd been pretty flat....not much direction so far ....usual monday morning sloth....Euro and Cad have been good bulls out to high 20 pips ..........Yen and Swissie the sells so far ....ive had a little EJ and EU buying at times......GBP is also pretty slow so far so not much interest from me

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