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14th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

14:51 pm BST

been busy today ......not much trading this afternoon so far

yen has been weakest currency from 6am ...down to -50 pips at times GBP ,swissie, and Cad have all been bullish at times +40 pips

usd has sadly been pretty neutral this always means pickings are pretty lean ...its been mainly bear so i have picked up a few pips on GU buys and Ucad sells at times alongside a few EJ buys earlier in morning

dont get upset trading intraday if you are beginner / intermediate ....its been hard today ...breaking even would have been a good result on USD pairs for inexperienced scalpers

14:55 pm

Ucad looks interesting for resells .....go in low 3080's if offered

15:02 pm

141.50 level for Gj rebuys ?

15:07 pm

cmon ucad stop messing .....3082 breach the sell price

15:08 pm

yen wont shouldve by now

16:20 pm

all change re pm session now ....yen is driving north still....i was on wrong side of it earlier for too long ......usd is net bull so far pm but still pretty lightweight so far...

Euro now being killed this afternoon ..... EU finally dumped off the 1380 levels to 1350's

finally some action

18:03 pm

Euro and GBP selling well since this last post .....EU down to 1330's now from 1380's

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