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16th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

8:07 am BST

asian session saw weak USD and Yen action ......with mainly a strong Euro

so far since 6am BST I have been trading that bias....but not much on table so far

a lot of flux so sitting back at moment


in EU and EJ now selling ...ive seen enough


well its one hell of a swingy morning so far ......currrencies are certainly moving

euro has actually been bear for most of london morning so far efforts have focused on selling it against USD and Yen .....i have also sold cable at times so far later part of morning

I talk about DIRECTIONAL BIAS a lot to traders learning the ropes is very very important and key to your trading hesitation or doubt.......

even if you are wrong doesnt matter .....with practice and a robust method you will eventually be right enough most of the time to make consistent money in the markets


resold EU again at 1371...


took a couple of pips then it reversed ....jees tough market


recap ...

i have been recently selling EU below the 1380 levels ...its been down to 1364 i have been recently selling EJ below the 126.10 levels ...its been down to 125.93 i have been recently selling GU below the 2716 levels ...its been down to 2698

mixed bag and a lot of tricks during this phase...messy and an inexperienced trader could be losing money ......nothing clean really or easy to spot ...obvious levels of support now on these pairs so expect some chop

13:55 pm

hey all .......bloody hard work since last post ...jees !!

ok ive been trying to work the bias / positions in last post

heres the GU and EU and where i have been active

been ok but bloody hard work ...hoping the NY opens will be better

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