17th Aug - Forex Diary

8:18 am BST

morning all .......im working usd sells .....not perfect this morning but i go with what i see

EU buying up from 1380 level so far ...

Gbp is now selling hard .....but i'll wait for confirmation and the hold of 2720 level on cable

yen is a bull play so i will consider buying EJ if current changes in dynamics holds


ive missed a lot of the GU selloff....some 40 pips .....frustrating .....i should have attacked it earlier ..........such is life


1381 levels trying to buy EU


1386 now but slooow.........1380 looks like the S level for eU


ok ive now rebought EU twice for fast scalps .....but not sure if breaching the 1387 will happen


ok we have EU back at 1390's from 1380 lows and i got 2 decent fast scalps on it ....

a little jumbled this morning re the G8 correlations for me

i may sell a little GJ if offered soon

back later


GJ sells below 140.83 if offered ...


got a better price at 140.81 with less stop needed ...took GU as well at 2718


140.74 the GJ so will lock in soon .............2713 the GU so locking soon again

a little risky on the 9am bar but such is life

ok as at 9am ....

yen the alpha bull ...rising euro is a fading bull GBP the alpha bear and falling usd steady sell

others im not fussed at moment ............ive made most pips off the EU buys i missed a screamer on GU sell ...........ive grabbed a few GJ sells but should have sold it also earlier

so ive ballsed up probably 15 pips so far but im doing just fine despite that ......once you are able to move to fairly consistent profitability over the years a trader has to accept the many trades they will miss ......comes with the territory !

but the mindset is easy to manage ...

Q whats worse ? ....missing a trade of 20 pips or lose 5 pips on a failed stop loss ? A - ask your bank account !!


and on the 9am bar the clouds fall away and the sun comes out ........

easy picking on more EU buys up now from 1386/7 to 1400......

easy if you are patient ! .........


1427 R levels under threat on EU ..will be interesting

euro has had a stunning second half of week from late Wednesday....some 70 pips pulled back


EU rebuys tested at 1402 ...failed to date GJ resells confirmed at 140.83 down to 140.71


Usd's bear has been disappointing and has faded badly north ....no EU buys offered above 1402 ............yen bull dominating the plays ...yen now up some 40+ pips from 6am BST

GJ solid now down to 140.30 so far from the 140.83 levels called in last post ...no complaints

EJ has been an option for me ....but ive been slow to party banking on more bull Euro

so again ive watched some 30 pips slip away ......but thats trading ....my bank balance cannot fall from missed trades ...just failed trades i should not have taken


everyone must be able to see the S levels ...eu back on rebuy from 1380


GJ turned over from 140.54....decent opps from 140.50 south

we are in limbo time now gang though ...so calling it a morning ...ive done ok .....no complaints ...and also missed around at least another 30-40 pips as well.....Grrr


EU earlier call got to 1412......a lot of shakedowns along that path earlier but it was still a 30 pip funnel to scalp in

ok NY in motion .........

The cad bull spike has spooked the correlations

i am watching for ops to rebuy Yen .......GBP would be the possible sell

not great dynamics on the G8 ......sure you can chase CAD higher if it offers some pullbacks

sloooooow.....be patient gang


Eu looks promsing..but when to buy .....safely above 1413 really ...lets see


anyone bite so far ? 1415 the price now

personally ? .....i prefer to let it show me the money first ...and on such a big big R level ?

14:56 i took GJ at 140.63 (see earlier post).....a little bold but lets see

1412 looks good level to see if EU is going to repush north

i will not be able to have a winning sell on GJ and a winning buy on EU ...trust me


EJ sells and UJ sells the plays ....totally where i wasnt looking

took EU buy at 1412

oooffffffffff.........out -1 pip


GJ sells to 140.49.........going well

i said so re the earlier comment ....eu has come off 10 pips as well

ok im making money but this is CR*P correlation...i feel uncomfortable trying to trade the bloody GJ and feeling i should be going UJ as well.....these are not my front line easy pairs .....the G8 correlation sucks at moment for my trading systems

cad is selling hard .........its all Yen buys at moment if i am in trades


Ucad showing me resells ......3085/86 ..waiting

sold ucad at 85

missed earlier EU rebuy......hmmmm

lost -2 pips on Ucad ......it turned

i took GJ sells earlier and closed out net for around +8 ...its still trying to sell

still up for NY session ...barely ......jees what a mess so far ...looking at the G8 correlation patterns i need i should NOT be trading full stop.....

but when have i ever done what i tell others to do ...hahahaha

guys its all Yen buys ....good luck finding a pair though


gonna focus .....i need to make pips ....not making enough after an hour in saddle

back later ...sorry to all online ...gotta focus and not post as well

try it ...its damn hard !!!


euro and GBP going bull.......yen and usd going bear ...............game on


fireworks at moment ....i am still trying to sell yen pairs ...jees its jumpy


2733 the gu rebuy

finally we see some action ......2742 the high so far


rebuy ucad 3089

rediculously tight correlation on Eur , GBP , usd and Yen .....nothing i can really follow at moment .........hence Ucad buys


3093.....christ its slow .....nothing being given out


2731 rebuy gu , closed out Ucad for b/e

cable starting to fire now .....good movement off the bull plays

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