20th Aug 2019 - Forex Diary

9:15 am BST

solid straight selling on Euro from asian session - SELL USD buying from asian /session - BUY GBP Bull holding - BUY Yen Neutral / Bull so im mainly on EU buys so far

ballsy sells off 1423/4..i salute you if you took it

1417 at moment ....safe to 1410


resold 1414


pulled it b/e as didnt fall fast enough

i am happy to sell euro against yen and USD ...just need right dynamicsgbp was a good seller this morning but its come way back up to 6am priceshappy to resell into usd if offered below say 2737/38


resold eu as it was finally looking good to breach the 1411...down to 1406 so far

GU at 2735/34 now so you were either already in or missed the boat


gotta go out now and not back till much later gang

EU has been steady for me today ...got about 4-5 decent scalps off it since 6am

back later

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