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22nd Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

10:10 am BST

hey all

apologies - yesterday i was working on some start up stuff ....just lost track of time re my trading committments

today the market has been pretty solid

GBP has been selling well....yen and USD been solid bulls , Euro Bear/flat

so my favourite london opening pair was in action ...Cable selling

i love cable when its correlating well in the G8 market .....i feel so much more confident in my trading as i know i have enormous odds in my favour

easier below that Asian R level at 2900....must confess i was selling it even prior to that i was so happy with dynamics .....its eased at moment but i will go back in again issues with that


2892 levels looking promising to resell cable


usd is falling hard now so making this trade very unpalatable EU buys are really looking good


cable struggling at 2895 toi go bull ....will sell soon if this holds


went at 94 ....may pay for that if cable kicks back up as final stop hunt


ok got to 2888....lets see if we can hold this turnover


i took a 5 pip scalp complaints ....will step back again

usd is flatlining not much on table at moment


took another resell of cable at 92 ....

urrr.....took 1 pip.....its tooo damn choppy

13:06 pm

i took a short break as the market was too choppy earlier .....a lot of change since then

USd still bearish

Euro went bull

GBP has faded north

yen has fallen but pretty neutral for morning now

best plays were into EU buys .....above 1390 safest to 1610 so far ...dont write of Cable for a final resell pre NY opens


trying to work EU rebuys off that 1586 level


1592 so locked in for small profits


Cad the main Bull from NY opens .........usd also went bull from NY opens ....gbp and euro net sells .....yen been selling as well fooling about trying to kid Ucad to bounce off that 3012 level against the trend ....but pretty done elsewhere ...done ok today


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