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29th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

hey gang

heres a fixed Fxcorrelator ...sorry its not offered for free gang

Questions ...

why would anyone buy Blue Euro this morning so far ???

why would anyone sell Yellow Yen or Red GBP or Green USD this morning so far ???

the london session is clearly favouring euro sells !!!!

dont fight the trend gang !!!!

ive been mainly playing EJ and EU sells this morning as already mentioned

why ?

because based on currency correlation from 6am BST .....only euro is selling vs my main other currencies like GBP , Yen and USD .....they are all net bull

why try to selloff any currencies in a session clearly Bull ? ......unless you are hunting reversals.................which generally im not mainly a trend follower

so heres the EU this morning from 6am ......(8am on these charts)

i get a lot of emails asking me to reveal more about my trading ....especially Entry points .....once ive identified my alpha pairs to trade in a session...

well i will at some point .....but i have to be honest and say its not that far removed from many things other traders are doing ...........

i have no magic beans or indicators .......although i do have a lot of stuff trying to show me where the best low risk trades are flagging up

so heres the 5 min EU and as stated all i am doing is looking to sell .........the second chart is deffo where i went based on my indicators and patterns....usually inside the 5 min on a lower TF (1,2,3mins or even Renko bars)

so c'mon where are the places to sell in hindsight ? ???

I can tell you where i was hunting ..........ive shown them ....simple pullback areas .....but the actual entry points ?

well thats for another time and another place !!


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