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30th Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

8:55 am BST

morning all .........ok ..........messy london open so far

after early bull activity the usd has sold off selling it

yen , gbp and euro all currently running bear as well......I have nothing to buy ??? (sounds like my wife)

playing the swissie bull .......AUD and NZD are bull but they can be a little sluggish london.....not my fav pairs

eu is buyable above 1700's.... had one scalp already to 1715

uchf sell offered a nice scalp from 9696 to 9690 .....but twitchy


last hour of swissie is nearly a 30 pip bull swing move .....very impressive

ive surrendered to a 1 hour bull move on usd ...cant say its selling now .....frustrating

selling cable and EU on offers


EU await next swing sell offered back up to 1700 level (1691 hit) GU await next swing sell offered back up to 3020 levels (3017 hit) UCAD await next swing Buy offered back down to low 2920's level (2929 hit)


usd bull on fire now


pips happening gang ......EU and Cable sells on fire


cable resells from 2998 gang


cable reselling from 2996 EU reselling from 1682

EURO and GBP both sitting on lows for london session ....not sure if thats it ....


1.3000 the cable .....gotta be a resell bounce here ?

will go in at 2998 ....hmmm


ok the setup never came .....still hunting cable and eu sells though


fairly quiet now .....gbp and Euro are fading back bull off recent selloffs .... Yen and USD are fading bear off recent buy phases as well ....

so in essence london prime trends are consolidating..........

i cant be bothered to chase ghosts......cable showing optimism now off 3018 highs down to 3008 will try to trade it south again now ....but not that convinced

back later N

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