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6th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

8:10 am BST

hey all....first 2 hours of trading have been twitchy.....usd and yen were bullish truth CAD was the sell.......Euro / GBP sells have been ok ish but pretty wafer slim options

8am bar should see the trends developing now big news releases in europe this morning


8am has not really made it any clearer......i took a eu resell around the 1636/1633 range....and got a good scalp down to low 1620s....but jees its hard hoping gbp will give me some decent bias soon...its really ranging....


still hardish work...........usd is my main currency to trade london and its not offering up much in terms of a decent trend from 6am so far.....its been great if you range trade was bull early doors then swung a nice 20 pips south so far .....but i prefer to get onto a tradable trend ......likewise yen , gbp and Euro all swinging like sinatra......

last hour i have been trying to work cable north of 2920s.....been to 2940s so far

13:09 pm BST

still really focusing on cable rebuys last few hours .....2920-2940s


last few hours ive been in and out .....

with usd holding bear and GBP actually still holding bull from 6am ......i have been trying to maintain Cable buying - especially off the bigger retraces

so nice rebuys again off the 2920's earlier back up to 2960s......but 2961/2 the high so far

euro has grovelled bear most of the day so no use selling it into a bear usd ...

yen recovered strongly from 1.30 pm BST and was worth buying into usd or Euro .....some nice moves

Cad was a demon seller NY session so far .....but not for me with usd weak as well - shame

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