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12th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

9:11 am BST

nice correlation today so far .........good patterns coming out of the asian give me more confidence to scalp news expected till PM so clear run ..........mainly scalping cable buys now up from 3010 for ballsy traders and 3015 for 3040 so far

17:25 pm BST

hey all...sorry - ive been in and out today ...only scalping when i got time .....

USD has been mainly bearish today into NY session as well

mixed bag of currencies to buy into USD at times ....this is where a strengthmeter approach helps as i hunt for strongest currencies all the time

yen, euro and also Cad have been nice buys at times ....GBP not in game as bearish mainly

UJ is a funny pair for me .....only tradable when no other options

some great sells below 111.40 levels earlier 111.20s so far

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