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14th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

8:40 am BST

hey all .....slooow morning so far ...

yen and usd have swung Bearish .....nothing heavy but enough

Euro is my prime Buy .......AUD is bull but is ususally to slow by now

im scalping EJ and EU until further notice so far ....

been scalping EJ up from 130.80s and EU up from 1690s but hard work

Carney speaks at 11am gmt guys hoping to see GBP volatile later

Saturday 15/9 (sorry i was busy late yesterday trading)

USD rallied into NY opens and was a steady gainer yesterday .......Yen came for the ride as well (swissie also on their tails .....the return of the holy trinity ?) easy options to sell euro and GBP ......nice session see my fixed start FXcorrelator below easy to see the action

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