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18th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

8:03 am BST

Interesting action so far today ....yen has swung nearly 100 pips into a very aggressive bear run after early asian gains ...ive been selling it hard so far .....mainly into euro

USD is trailing yen but still a solid Bear at moment

the real winners so far are the AUD and CAD from early london .......EURO is most bullish of the europeans that i try to follow.....

GBP looking more and more Bearish...

summary ? - EJ buys has been great so far !


wow ..........the AUD (bear) and the Yen(Bull) got real spikes off 8am bar as shown

really interesting.... with EJ falling back to 131.00 and its asian high its a real area to look for rebuys


interesting day so far from early asian session......yen and GBP both sitting as alpha sells

thats a rarirty to have those guys so correlated ....

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