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24th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

9:55 am BST

morning all

ok GBP has had a decent bull run from 6am London...Euro is finally coming north as well now selling usd and yen ..........cable my best scalp action so far ...been buying up from 3080s to 3120 so far

17:40 pm BST

no complaints today from me .....GBP just kept climbing all morning (see first post above)

GBP index actually went about 70 pips north from the 6am london opens .....easy easy pickings just finding a currency to sell into it ...which for me was inevitably the falling USD

cable has come back now as NY warms up but i was long out of it ......3160s had a double top so pretty easy to spot the fade play - see chart below .....euro has been good today as a buy EJ and EU reasonable plays ....nothing else

quick bonus Ball !

heres the default FXCorrelator ....20ma on a 5min chart below ....look at the red GBP ???

note the Chart is GMT +3 (BST+2)

this is over simple ....but only look to buy cable when the red gbp is above the zero line and the green usd is below ......

3 massive trades today ......nice !

its not always this simple .....but the indicator starts making things look clearer if you want to see what currencies are doing relative to each other ......the more you look and practice the more you see......ive been doing it for 20 years now.... so in truth it does get easier i promise .....if you know what to look for !


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