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G8 Forex Week ended 5th Oct 2018

hey all....i'm still pretty tied up waiting for my new trading room to be finished

Anyway heres last week on a fixed Start FXCorrelator

Winner :red GBP takes bull title again this week ...great run up from Thursday !

Losers: Bearish Orange AUD and Turquoise NZD got clobbered from Wednesday ....ouch !

the all powerful green USD was pretty bull all week alongside yellow yen ....offered decent pairings with those bear currencies already mentioned .....only Euro offered a few decent sells midweek if you stick to European USD crosses...

Best trade of the week (trade taken at start of Asian session Sunday nights)....

Brown CAD looked like it was easily going to be the alpha Bull this week going into Thursday Asian ...then the sky fell in !.......

So either buying GBPAUD or GBPNZD delivered over 500 pips this week ....and with only a 30ish pip drawdown.......hindsight is a great thing eh ?

have a great weekend .......its back to the building work for me !


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