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26th Oct 2018 - Forex Diary

10:25 am BST

tricky morning so far .........

CAD took hits earlier.....and Yen is the lead bull currency..........USD , EURO and GBP pretty flat in truth ..........maybe the draghi speech later today will liven things up .....ZZZZZZZ

days like this are tricky for traders you start trading out of frustration and probably bleed pips ? .........or just sit it out and wear it ? ....or pack up for the day early ?

i have been working Ucad up from 3120s to 3140s so far and also EJ down from 127.40s to 20s so far .....but as stated it could blow up in my face

my main pairs not performing at moment im using the reserve teams !

18:30 pm BST

tough day today ........usd eventually came bear ......but Europeans have been weak all day as well not much action there on those pairings

USDJPY buys and AUDUSD/NZDUSD Buys been good plays this afternoon....but they are not my regular playmates

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