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So Close......

I spend a lot of time corresponding and talking to inexperienced traders ....Its part of what I do and i find it very very rewarding ....I learn and (hopefully) they learn through talking about what they are doing and sharing insights....

Its all about honesty and I do have to give a lot of home truths to traders who are in reality moving in directions that (in my humble opinion) are not going to get them to planet profitability

however I also get a chance to talk to many traders who are very much on that profit path....many dont even realise it i offer what advice I can and get them to realise its all about sample size and allowing their strategies to BREATHE !

so if you think you are on the right path (but the bottom line is not yet showing it) patient could simply be sample size not yet revealing your eureka strategy

HINT - less than 100 trades of sample is not going to tell you much guys .....FACT

I'm always happy to have a chat by PM or via my email address or contact me here at my website FXCORRELATOR.COM


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