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14th Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

7:35 am GMT

morning gang .....a little tricky so far generally bear on USD so sticking to european buys when offered

2990s are the crunch area on Cable .......ive bought into it twice so far with 2 good scalps to 3010s

having said that i did scalp EU down from 1280s to a low of 1270s ......but thats just me !

all over the place then idea where london session will go ...and god help us if any Brexit news comes out re cabinet news

13:45 pm

hey all .....

ok after a slooow start the London Forex market was excellent....a clear pattern emerged that i love to trade

Cable was my main focus again .......happy to sell down from 2990s to 2890s so far .......first selloff was some 80 pip drop !

ok big retrace since then ...but i am trying to rework cable resells now again from 2970s to 2950s so far

17:50 pm

wow what a us open session so far on cable !!! after taking some easy scalps up from 2960s to 3000s and then another run from 2980s to 3020 cable has fell off a cliff ...........80 pip fall ! i got in from 2970s when it was clear any Support zones were failing.down to 2920s so far what a ride .............keep talking cabinet ...the longer you talk the worse cable will fall....

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