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21st Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

10:45 am GMT

hey all

slowish day so far ........

USD and yen have mainly been bearish ive been working european buys into them

EJ been buying from 128.40s to 128.80s so far

EU been buying from 1.1370s to 1.1410s so far

GU cable was a buy but Sterling has dropped bear from around 9am GMT....i need a little more convincing to start selling it due to the whole G8 dynamics at moment ...a more aggressive position would have had me selling cable from 1.2790s to 1.2770s so far

be careful ...yen bear is driving market at moment and is alpha currency

15:45 pm GMT as from earlier comments ....yen Bear still driving the market and we have the AUD and NZD on bull side mainly ...........that means the europeans are not really pumping ....slow day I have continued to work Euro as my main buy currency with yen the sell ....EU bull has been very slow but steady as well .......... EJ has been rock solid at 128.70s for support EU rock solid at 1390 support levels as well GBP is a nightmare today hence i am not on it ..... SHOCK HORROR ..........YES SOMETIMES I DO NOT TRADE CABLE !!

18:50 pm GMT

CAD is the buy gang .....Ucad selling ok ......europeans are now selling alongside USD so nothing worth scalping.....have a good evening N

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