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23rd Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

07:35 am GMT

ok relatively quiet today so far drama

markets are in the Black friday holiday weekend period anyway

tiny opps to scalp cable and EU and EJ bull post 6am but hardly a pip fest

personally i would prefer to see Europeans selling and go that route into morning....

2870s will be good place to resell cable if offered 1415s approx decent resells on EU 128.80s for reselling patient


ok Cable spiked to 2876/77 offering half decent scalps down to 2863 now ....

slow but sure trading guys ....

8:00 am

ok 8am bar the fakeout signals ....its 50/50 what direction most pairs are going at moment


well im still working the cable sells ......that structure is holding ok .....need more of a major move though to get the party really started

08:42 am

ok ..... Cable been to 2830s so far .... EU to 1370s EJ to 128.30s tell me you are making money ...please

12:15 pm

cable been down to 2800s EU ran nicely down to 1330s EJ ran nicely down to 127.90s

so been a nice session today ....once the mist cleared !


Good day in markets ...

Euro and GBP both sold off solidly ........USD and Yen have been nicely bull plays all day

have a good weekend N

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