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28th Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

07:45 am GMT

morning all...

still twitchy on london opens so far .....

GBP is twitching ,mainly bull so far Euro and CAD solid sells usd and yen are bull at moment

mainly on EU / EJ sells so far ..if Cable shapes up into sells i will go cable as well

08:40 am

been selling EJ from 128.50s down to 128.20s now been selling EU from 1290s down to 1260s now cable still rangy ........i havnt really sold it yet as euro pairs going so well


as you have all seen GBP came hot bull as buy of the london session .....GBP index is now some 60 pips up from 6am opening prices ..........

i came back in buying on cable from 2850s ....been to 2800 now

nothing wrong with still reselling EU or EJ when offered ..ive been back on EU from 1290s down to 1280s again

16:15 pm

waiting for Dow to commence ...........

UCAD is the buy at moment ..........cable obviously falling ..depends how much you want to remain loyal to the days action / Trend on Cable so far .... its only just got back to london open prices stay loose

16:20 pm

im being screamed at to rebuy Ucad at 3346

took at 46........stop no more that 4-5 pips needed

lost a few pips on that ........cant risk now dow open moves

cads coming stronger since NY open .....will reverse my take on it


ok had enough session has seen usd fall nicely

ive been fooling with some other systems alongside scalping .......

one of my other more interesting systems (not really G8 strengthmeter focused) is flagging up a strong signal to short EJ .....129.05-10 as tight tight S/Loss and go in sub 128.85

its not really correlating to my Strengthmeter signals but it generally does ok this one


sold EJ at 129.04..the hell !!!

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