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14th Dec 2018 - Forex Diary

12:11 pm GMT

hey all.....

ok my last day in the sunny canaries ...........ive been able to sit in a trading room of a mate and borrow some kit at times

been fun.......we trade very different ways but its been very useful to compare notes and talk shop .....

anyway todays london opens has been pretty straight forward

ive been selling the euro and GBP all morning when offered into usd and Yen

cable selling from 2630s to 2550s so far

EU from 1350s to 1290s ......cracking volatility today on the EURO !!

EJ from 128.80s to 128.10s .....

my mate did ok......i persuaded him off his beloved favourite pair of cable to also play the euro today and hes made some nice extra profits ......

have a good weekend back in blighty at weekend

15:50 pm GMT

cable been to 2530s

EU to 1270s

EJ to 128.07s

no complaints whilst in the canaries ..back to business on monday from cold wet UK

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