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17th Dec 2018 - Forex Diary

9:07 am GMT

hey gang .......usd is has been bear asian and also real short today from london opens....yen struggling as good conditions to scalp for me ..........

scalping EU and Cable buys plus a little EJ ....

cable up from 2580s to 2600s so far

EU up from 1.3000s to 1320s so far

EJ up from 128.20s to 128.40s so far


cable just took a big retrace south ...will try to work it north again from 2610s

first position was at 2614....2621 now .....DAMMIT i missed about 3 pips on that bounce !!!


on reflection 2613 best i could have rebought......likewise around 1337 on EU cant get tighter than that in my present systems

anyway 1344 hogh on eu and 2625 on cable so locked in for b/e min...


hey all

well yens rediculously tight london session range finally opened up earlier into a big bull run

with the london trends drying up i went EJ sells earlier .....UJ sells better but im always a little nervous when those guys diverge

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