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20th Dec 2018 - Forex Diary

10:27 am gmt

morning all

decent morning on the G8 .........been buying mainly euro into yen and usd ......gbp is flattish so far

eu buys from 1390s to 1480s so far ...

ej buys from 127.70s to 128.30s so far ...

awesome moves


ok i continued to scalp EU up till around 11.30 earlier scalped the 90 pip range described earlier around only 5 scalps i am trying to reduce my trade volumes (something i have been trying to do for years now)

I learned long ago that i technically "overtrade" and it costs me in transaction costs mainly ........but every time i start to reduce the trades to increase my "Quality" my discretionary trading elements (learned over last 10 years) is disrupted as i inject new rules into my generally i just accept the additional trades to get my mojo and flow back

such is life ............fine tuning is necessary to trade but very hard at times !!

EU now down to 1450s but cant really justify getting in at moment to sell it .........not going to chase silly entries at moment


hey gang .....i hope anyone trading saw that Eu faded back up to the 1460s so this time i did attack the sells .........been selling down from 1450s to low 1440s so far .........EJ and GU also nice bears at moment

waiting to see how us opens trigger the market at moment


last scalp was reselling EU from 1448 to 1440 .......will try to let it run if possible

EJ and GU both also good bear scalps since Dow opens


eu now down at 1430s and still trailing stops letting it run from 1448

no drama so far .....europe remains weak so far into us session

have a cable sell running as well ....jesus what a nice start to us session

had a good london also earlier complaints


if anyone is running those pairs i have stops currencly at

1420 for EU and 2634 for GU


closed out at 1413 for EU and 2634 for GU

nearly 100 pips today so that will do ...technically at 5 pips per stop loss and 1% per trade thats 20% capital returned in one day

so will stop before my confidence overflows into losses



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