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21st Dec - Forex Diary

8:15am GMT

morning all ....

ok its not too bad so far .........USD selling through London session so far ........

ive been buying EU , GU and EJ at times going with the flow ........

EJ 127.50s to 127.60s so far

GU 2660s to 2680s so far

EU 1450s to 1470s so far

its only 8.15am so to have 3-4 decent scalps in bag already bodes ok for day ......all single digit wins but hopefully the double digits will follow if the correlation paterns hold this morning



market a little screwy at moment .i have just 1 trade still going a EU from 1465 trying to get it flying still......(like Gatwick)

if you trade correlation and strengthmeters you will know that yen is screwing the market this morning ......its bull alongside the europeans ......


big push for usd and yen to get bull domination at not convinced and especially looking to rebuy GU ...and perhaps EU soon


gu offered to me at 2682......hmmmmmmmmmm

ok took that and now at not convinved this will run but was as good as anything i look for ........EU slow to turn so not in yet on that


a lot of signals to sell europeans so i will be tight on this scalp


GJ sells offered at 141.00.........out of the gu buy and selling sterling now


140.89 already


back later complaints as its hard to pick a retrace reversal off initial london moves.........i missed selling EJ around 127.40 and now 127.17 but thats life

i didnt take GJ earlier but resold GU at 2686 down to 2678 now .........

its easier if market retains intial london direction (obviously)


shame i missed the other pairs but GU from 2686 to 2661 now .........i only got 1 of the 4 trades possible

GJ went to 140.68/9 from 141.00



[QUOTE="be-positive, T2win post: 3084717, member: 1991"]only kidding neil ---------- was the better half shouting over your shoulder sell the GU now ---------- nice trade[/QUOTE]

thanks ........better late than never on that move so far..if i can go > 30 pips locked on cable sell thats enough for me with other earlier scalps today if i want to pack up early....the GJ sell would have taken me easily >50 pips for 2-3 hours work but thats just sour grapes..yesterday was much easier than today


ok 2656 the gu is teetering and i may exit ...also took EU at 1432 and EJ at 127.10 earlier .....both have picked up a few pips south


took gu rebuys at 2659


to 65 so took part b/e .......

will trail the rest for cable ..........couldnt justify buying Euro pairs that are bulling better so far .....grrrrrrrr


GJ tempting at 140.76


hey all cruising the us opening session .....its been lively i was selling europeans south earlier but its just turned over fast ...............jees yen is selling hard

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